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Overzicht Violaero > Luchtvaart historie > The Bugatti 100P record plane


  • ISBN
  • : 978-90-8616-123-2
  • Taal
  • : English
  • Formaat
  • : 220 x 285 mm
  • Aantal pagina's
  • : 240
  • Bindwijze
  • : Gebonden
  • Release datum
  • : 11-2015
  • Auteur
  • : Jaap Horst

The Bugatti 100P record plane

Created by Ettore Bugatti and Louis de Monge


**** Second edition ***

The development of this extremely advanced airplane with many novel features was started in 1937, for which Ettore Bugatti had hired the Belgian Louis de Monge as chief engineer. The first version of the airplane was planned as a speed-record airplane, a military version was to follow later. Tragically the Bugatti 100P airplane never flew, the Germans invaded Paris where it was being built before it was 100% ready. The airplane surprisingly survived the war, and still exists in the EAA museum in Oshkosh, USA. Both engines exist, and were built into Bugatti race-cars. Currently a flying replica is being constructed in the USA, built in such a way, that it will be aerodynamically the same as the original.


This book for the first time describes the complete history of this wonderfully beautiful streamlined airplane, as well as all of it’s novel systems. Also, the histories of both the plane’s creators are followed, from the early years of aviation.


Ettore Bugatti is of course well-known through his race- and sportscars from the years in between both worldwars, but he was also interested in many other  technical devices. During the first world war airplane-engines were designed and built, the book describes these engines and derivatives in detail, showing also all the airplanes which used these engines, including the world’s first fully functional “modern” helicopter.


Louis de Monge built his first airplanes before WWI, during WWI he designed and produced modern propellers, sold under the name Lumière. After WWI many, often technically advanced, designs were made. The complete history of his many interesting inventions and lack of commercial success is published here for the first time.


'Cher Ami Jaap, De 100P kwam gisteren aan in goede orde, en heeft mij een slapeloze nacht bezorgd. Wat een fantastisch document. Zeer interessant van begin tot eind……..natuurlijk een compilatie van alles wat je eerder hebt uitgegeven via de Pegasus/Bugatti Aircraft Association, maar nu in een logische uitgebreide samenvatting. Werkelijk super Engels ook, layout zeer goed, en ik heb je genomineerd voor de Bugatti Pullitzer Prijs! Dit oeuvre verdient to worden aangeschaft door alle Bugattisten met een horizon verder dan alleen maar met wielen op terra firma. Plan maar de 2de druk.

Kjeld Jessen'



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